> The minor problem is that it treats a "not-equals" sign, 
 > "<>", as an empty tag and strips it, unless it's explicitely 


Except, of course, that when writing html you are supposed to use
entities for any valid html stuff - ie. Use &gt; and $lt; for > < and so
on.  As you should also use &quot; if you want a " in your html.  The
fact that various browsers will let you get away with this does not make
it valid html.

The argument above it a little like saying that there's a bug in php
because it will get confused if you have " marks inside your " marks...

$string = "fred said "wow" to me";

By your argument this should work because php should figure out what you
mean with multiple instances of ".  You have a way of making it work
that is well documented.  Ditto for html.

Of course, this doesn't stop inummerable people who, I presume, don't
know any better, from using < > " and other stuff instead of their
equivalent html entities.

CYA, Dave

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