Here's my problem:

I'm trying to make a simple publication of 30+ articles, using PHP but not

There are basically three components:
     - a table of contents (contents.html)
     - an article template (article.php)
     - and then 30+ text files.

The idea I was going for was to make dynamic links in contents.html that
would pass a variable to article.php. The article page then uses that
variable in an include( ). Does this make sense? I.e.-

## contents.html
<a href="article.php?auth=name">Text Link</a>

## article.php
# The link above would then pass the $auth variable as 'name', right?
# Is that enough?
<?php include("$auth.txt"); ?>
# I then assume this would result in it trying to include 'name.txt',
# but instead there is always a nasty error about the .txt part.
# I should probably ask, is passing variables inside an include allowed?

If I'm wrong, or I'm just missing something that needs to be added, please
let me know. I'm sooo new at this that I know I'm doing something wrong and
it is probably very simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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