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Saturday, June 08, 2002, 5:40:40 PM, you wrote:

S> Here's my problem:

S> I'm trying to make a simple publication of 30+ articles, using PHP but not

S> There are basically three components:
S>      - a table of contents (contents.html)
S>      - an article template (article.php)
S>      - and then 30+ text files.

S> The idea I was going for was to make dynamic links in contents.html that
S> would pass a variable to article.php. The article page then uses that
S> variable in an include( ). Does this make sense? I.e.-

S> ## contents.html
S> <a href="article.php?auth=name">Text Link</a>

S> ## article.php
S> # The link above would then pass the $auth variable as 'name', right?
S> # Is that enough?
S> <?php include("$auth.txt"); ?>
S> # I then assume this would result in it trying to include 'name.txt',
S> # but instead there is always a nasty error about the .txt part.
S> # I should probably ask, is passing variables inside an include allowed?

S> If I'm wrong, or I'm just missing something that needs to be added, please
S> let me know. I'm sooo new at this that I know I'm doing something wrong and
S> it is probably very simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

What a nasty error? And did you try the following

<?php include($_GET['auth'].".txt");?> ?

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