Thanks for taking the time to answer. As I said, there is no problem 
with the code in either OPT or in phpMyAdmin - there is a problem with 
PHP and I was hoping someone on this list bounced into the same kind of 


Edward Marczak wrote:

>On 6/7/02 11:43 AM, "Bogdan Stancescu" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>One of the users of OPT has major problems uploading files to the system and I
>>have absolutely no clue why that is. His PHP version is 4.0.6 on Linux.
>>Quoting his description of the problem:
>>"In fact, now it doesn't even report an error. It just takes some time
>>(about 30 seconds) trying to upload, I guess. The progress bar in the
>>bottom of MSIE 6.0 shows it doing something, but then it 'finishes',
>>while still showing the page with the 'Add a new document' form."
>>I know, your first thought is that OPT has a problem - but here's
>>another report from the same user when I directed him to alter some
>>stuff in a MySQL database:
>>"By pasting it into the 'query' window in phpMyAdmin, but I was
>>surprised by the result. Instead of an error or successful result from
>>phpMyAdmin, I got a browser error from MSIE: 'This page cannot be
>>I have absolutely no idea why this happens - when he sent the first
>>report, I started thinking it may have been some php.ini setting
>>regarding uploads, but I was completely confused by the second report.
>>Did anyone encounter this? Is it a PHP bug? Is it a setting?
>Well, you could post the code you're trying....but as I found out recently
>while learning this, if a file is bigger than max file size, $_FILES['name']
>will have 'none' and $_FILES['size'] will be 0.  (I thinks that's
>$HTTP_POST_FILES under 4.0.6).  Check that....Otherwise, we need more info
>about what 'is not working'. (Not sure what query you're checking in

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