June 9, 2002
phpDocumentor version 1.1.0rc1
Download: http://phpdocu.sourceforge.net/downloads.php

The phpDocumentor Development team would like to announce the release of
phpDocumentor version 1.1.0rc1.  This is a release candidate for 1.1.0 to
that all bugs have been fixed before release

phpDocumentor is the most advanced auto-documentation system available for
PHP.  Similar to the auto-documentor included with PEAR, phpDocumentor
parses documentation comments in the PHP source to create hyperlinked API
references for projects.  Unlike the PEAR auto-documentor, phpDocumentor is
extremely fast, has excellent documentation included, and the ability to
parse any legal PHP syntax.

phpDocumentor is the only auto-documentor written specifically for PHP that
supports output to formats other than HTML.  With 1.1.0rc1 comes a pre-
alpha PDF Converter to demonstrate the facility.  Through the use of
similar to JavaDoc's doclets, phpDocumentor can interface parsing output to
any template with minimal coding.  In addition, 6 HTML templates come
standard with phpDocumentor.

Other features include:
  --fully 25% faster than version 1.0.0
  --able to directly parse a CVS repository
  --parses any php file, with multiple classes and functions in the same
  --fully compliant with even the most esoteric php syntax
   ($string = <<< EOF, for example)
  --greatly improved ease of Converter programming
  --parsing of global and static variables
  --documentation of name conflicts between packages
  --auto-linking to elements in any package
  --error/warnings by line number and file to allow for debugging of
 documentation tags
  --extensive documentation of the package, including a detailed
 for tags and templates
  --open source, GPL

phpDocumentor is fast becoming the standard auto-documentor, and is
used by several PHP projects including PostNuke
Content Management (http://www.postnuke.com), phpRPC
(http://phprpc.sourceforge.net/), and XMap

To Download, go to http://phpdocu.sourceforge.net/downloads.php

The phpDocumentor development team
Joshua Eichorn
Gregory Beaver

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