On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Miguel Cruz wrote:

> On Sun, 9 Jun 2002, Greg Beaver wrote:
> > June 9, 2002
> > phpDocumentor version 1.1.0rc1
> > http://www.phpdoc.org
> Best of all, with OSX IE 5.14, the page comes up completely blank.

Well in Opera6/Win it's just a big mess, probably because Opera doesn't
support 'overflow' properly.


        I'm assuming you're the web designer or at least know who the
webdesigner is....

        I appreciate the obvious effort to make your pages validate XHTML
and CSS.  There are a couple small errors that I thought I'd point out,
not to say "ha ha your code doesn't validate" (because it's better than
99% of the web, and probably much better than several pages I've worked
on) but just to try and be helpful

There are a bunch of CSS errors listed at

... It looks like there is some kind of expression there that the
validator isn't aware of (and I've never seen):


As for the XHTML, line 229 needs a space before the 'width="105"

height="31" alt="SourceForge Logo" />

The _target="blank" isn't valid for the doctype defined & no character set
is defined

The page looks great in Mozilla-1.0/win, and even in IE6/win, (heck even
Netscape4.79 doesn't look bad ;-) but not in Opera6


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