> Speaking of which.  I was thinking about this this morning.
 > Is there a part of the Unix timestamp that tells php what 
 > timezone to 
 > report.

You could use the gmt-based date manipulation to do this.

 > Reason why I ask, is I would like to offset the unix 
 > timestamp relative 
 > to where a server is to a particular user.
 > So lets say the user is in Europe, and the server is in USA and the 
 > script is set to display date as 'H:i T', and

Your main problem will be in identifying where the user is.  Probably
the only truly reliable way is to ask them to tell you what their time
zone is.  Pretty much every other method will result in a percentage of
inaccurate reporting - the degree of error will be dependant on the
method chosen.

CYA, Dave

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