JavaScript's getTimezoneOffset seems to be working just right, as shown 

I think assuming that the user's computer has the correct time zone set 
shouldn't be too far-fetched - and you can always provide the user with 
a way to override that default.

Just my 2c.


David Freeman wrote:

> > Speaking of which.  I was thinking about this this morning.
> > Is there a part of the Unix timestamp that tells php what 
> > timezone to 
> > report.
>You could use the gmt-based date manipulation to do this.
> > Reason why I ask, is I would like to offset the unix 
> > timestamp relative 
> > to where a server is to a particular user.
> > So lets say the user is in Europe, and the server is in USA and the 
> > script is set to display date as 'H:i T', and
>Your main problem will be in identifying where the user is.  Probably
>the only truly reliable way is to ask them to tell you what their time
>zone is.  Pretty much every other method will result in a percentage of
>inaccurate reporting - the degree of error will be dependant on the
>method chosen.
>CYA, Dave

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