He asked about detecting monitor size, not screen resolution. I don't
think any javascript will ever be able to do this.

On Sun, 09 Jun 2002 20:42:58 -0400, Miva Guy wrote:
>Currently, I'm developing a site that makes full use of a 1024 x 768
>since 90% of my users have that config.
>In the off chance they have a smaller display, I have this in the
>header of
>my HTML template:
>var smallver = {SCREEN_SIZE};
>if(!smallver && screen.width < 1000)
>else if(smallver && screen.width > 1000)
>'SCREEN_SIZE' => $sessiondata['session_small'] ? 1 : 0,
>What all this means is that I store a Boolean variable in a sessions
>for 'session_small'. In the php header of each page, I simply look
>at that
>variable to decide how to draw the page.
>The JavaScript is necessary since only client-side scripting can
>pick up
>that value for you automatically. If it sees that the screen size is
>set to
>normal (large) and the display won't allow it, it runs the page
>again with
>'resize=1' in the query string to allow the change of the variable
>in the
>sessions table. Alternatively, if the 'session_small' variable true
>and the
>display will allow more, the page is reloaded with the correct value
>in the
>Hope this helps,
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>Is there a way to do this with PHP? I couldn't find it in the online
>docs and the archive search is offline :(
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