On Tuesday 11 June 2002 17:04, hugh danaher wrote:

> I have a php page which gets a file upload from the user and attempts to
> put the file in a remote directory.  It is failing big time with the
> following warning:
> Warning: Unable to create '../landmark/photos/8000.jpg': No such file or
> directory in /home/www/location/museum/trees/admin/upload2.php on line 27
> The directory and file name:
>     museum/trees/admin/upload2.php
> The directory I want to store the uploaded file is:
>     museum/landmark/photos/
> I've tried two dots, three dots and more but have yet to hit upon the
> combination of dots, slashes or phases of the moon to keep the program from
> puking!
> P.S. The page works if the storage directory is closer.

'closer' has nothing to do with it!

Easy way: use absolute directory paths.

Harder way: the path is relative to wherever your script which in this case is 
"museum/trees/admin/", you want to go "museum/landmark/photos/" which is 2 
directories up. Thus "../../landmark/photos/"

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