> The directory and file name:
 >     museum/trees/admin/upload2.php
 > The directory I want to store the uploaded file is:
 >     museum/landmark/photos/

I've found that if you need more control over directory paths than
something fairly simple then you're often best off just declaring a set
of full paths and using them.  For example, I often use a config.php to
setup database connections and the like.  If I know I'm going to need to
access files in different directories from different parts of a site
I'll usually add something like:

$server_root = "/home/www/some/web/site";
$web_root    = "http://www.some.server";;

Then if you need to do an include somewhere you can be sure that
something like this:


Will work.  Equally, referring to a default images directory can be
reliable also by using $web_root.

CYA, Dave

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