I spent a good bit of time looking at editors to help me prepare and 
modify php scripts.  I've found it very time consuming to evaluate them.

In general, I've found you have to download, install and play with them 
some just to determine if they fit your needs.  And I know from 
experience, often programs only show their deficiencies after you've 
used them a bit.

And, I've found many that claim "php" editing; but they really aren't 
anything but a simple plain text editor.

My needs are modest.  I'm well versed with HTML, css, etc.  And have 
done a bit of customizing scripts.

For now, I mostly need an editor that will:
  Help me keep the syntax correct.
  Provide a list of functions, etc. to pick from.
  Upload my script files via ftp.
  Have the usual search/replace across files

Would be nice if it:
  Had a project feature
  Could run a script I'm working on locally with its includes, etc. on 
my         remote host.

Right now I'm looking at "php Coder Pro"; "phpEdit" and "UltraEdit".

Can anyone comment on these?  And please suggest any others.


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