Hi Al...

I use Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev with PHAkt plugin (you'll have to add
it from the dreamweaver ultradev extensions @ www.macromedia.com/exchange

Macromedia UltraDev is available for 30 day free trial at their site....

it has brilliant php support..you barely have to know a stitch of code, but
it helps.

There are also other PHP extensions available at macromedia exchange.

check out www.php.net
they talk about other possible resources...but I love ultradev.

"Al" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I spent a good bit of time looking at editors to help me prepare and
> modify php scripts.  I've found it very time consuming to evaluate them.
> In general, I've found you have to download, install and play with them
> some just to determine if they fit your needs.  And I know from
> experience, often programs only show their deficiencies after you've
> used them a bit.
> And, I've found many that claim "php" editing; but they really aren't
> anything but a simple plain text editor.
> My needs are modest.  I'm well versed with HTML, css, etc.  And have
> done a bit of customizing scripts.
> For now, I mostly need an editor that will:
>   Help me keep the syntax correct.
>   Provide a list of functions, etc. to pick from.
>   Upload my script files via ftp.
>   Have the usual search/replace across files
> Would be nice if it:
>   Had a project feature
>   Could run a script I'm working on locally with its includes, etc. on
> my         remote host.
> Right now I'm looking at "php Coder Pro"; "phpEdit" and "UltraEdit".
> Can anyone comment on these?  And please suggest any others.
> Thanks.....

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