I sure hope I'm not going to stir up any trouble, but why exactly would you
need a GOTO statement?  Many languages have no such construct because the
ability to use functions or routines makes GOTO statements obsolete.  They
are most likley only in VB because it's a legacy thing, but AFAIK C, C++,
and some of the more less known languages such as Clipper, FORCE do not have
GOTO statements.  They haven't been missed either.

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>>> Many will tell you that the goto command is extinct.  It isn't,
>>it's just
>>> evolved into the function command.  What you do now is create a
>>> function some_name($variable,$other_variable,...)
>>>     {
>>>     some code here;
>>>     }
>>> then, call it using :
>>> call_user_func('some_name',$variable,$other_variable,...)
>>> It's just like goto, it goes to a specified code block and then
>>returns to
>>> the line below the call, but takes more typing.
>>> Hope this helps.
>>> Hugh
>>What you have described is more like a gosub.
>>Goto jumps execution to the specified point in the code and
>>continues from
>>there. It does not automatically return to the line after the goto call.
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