Hi all,

I've got a mailing on a website, with email address' / names / etc in a
MySQL table.

I think there's around 120 on it at the moment.

I've been noticing a growing lag on the sending of mail though... I've got a
script which takes a message from a form, then runs a while loop through the
rows of the mailing_list table, replacing a special string with the
subscribers name, and sending using the mail() command.

However, this time, the script actually failed, with a "failure when
attempting to access blah.com/foo.php" (the sending script).  I have no idea
if SOME people got the email, or what, and have no idea how to check.

So, I make the assumption that as the mailing list has grown, the script
time has slowed... now it's too big (or the server was too busy) to process
all the emails before the script timed out.

If I didn't want to personalise the emails, I'm sure the script would run a
lot quicker with every address in the Bcc header, but since we personalise
each email, I can't see any option other than using mail() 200 times...  and
it's only going to get a lot worse as we climb to 1000+.

So, what options do I have?

Break the mailing list up into batches of 40 or so?  How would I implement
something like this?

Any advice / concepts / ideas welcome!

Justin French
Creative Director

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