I've been doing the following sending personalized mail to 600+ recipients,
so far without any signs of discomfort anywhere:

set_time_limit($total_rows * 1);  // up the script timeout 1 second per

BTW, I use qmail; not sendmail.  As I've never used sendmail, I don't know
if this is part of your problem or not.  I'm guessing a bit, but based on
600+ emails, I'd say that the script itself takes about 10-15 seconds; the
mail to be delivered takes a bit longer, perhaps another minute or two.


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> Subject: [PHP] bulk mail()
> Hi all,
> I've got a mailing on a website, with email address' / names / etc in a
> MySQL table.
> I think there's around 120 on it at the moment.
> I've been noticing a growing lag on the sending of mail though...
> I've got a
> script which takes a message from a form, then runs a while loop
> through the
> rows of the mailing_list table, replacing a special string with the
> subscribers name, and sending using the mail() command.
> However, this time, the script actually failed, with a "failure when
> attempting to access blah.com/foo.php" (the sending script).  I
> have no idea
> if SOME people got the email, or what, and have no idea how to check.
> So, I make the assumption that as the mailing list has grown, the script
> time has slowed... now it's too big (or the server was too busy)
> to process
> all the emails before the script timed out.
> If I didn't want to personalise the emails, I'm sure the script
> would run a
> lot quicker with every address in the Bcc header, but since we personalise
> each email, I can't see any option other than using mail() 200
> times...  and
> it's only going to get a lot worse as we climb to 1000+.
> So, what options do I have?
> Break the mailing list up into batches of 40 or so?  How would I implement
> something like this?
> Any advice / concepts / ideas welcome!
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