>Sure, never mind about Rasmus descrimination towards Windows users. 
>Rasmus always has been bitter with users asking for support, especially 
>if they want to run PHP under Windows. 

Although it seems counter-productive, I can certainly respect Rasmus having
his own opinion.  He has provided quick and helpful responses to many of my
questions, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one he's helped.  That
garners even more respect - IMHO.

>PHP developers should be thankful of its support under Windows 
>because that allowed to keep jobs still working on PHP, ie eventually 
>not having to move to other languages.

I think this last point shows that this a battle between ASP and PHP - not
necessarily an OS / platform war.  More books, support, programming tools
(libraries, editors, etc.) and jobs based around the PHP programming
language would help tremendously.

>To write PHP extensions on Windows I think Visual C++ is more 

Does gcc (or some other free C programming language) for Windows exist?

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