I gave the command at root, I got some details


----Q-ID---- Size ----- Q-Time----- Sender/Recipient

<file name>    67    Thu Jun 13 11.22     nobody
                                 (host map: look up (aurica.com): deferred)
                                 [EMAIL PROTECTED]


What's the problem exactly? As I do not know much about Linux (Totally on 
windows), I am unable to figure out too.


At 01:51 AM 6/13/02 -0300, you wrote:
>On 06/13/2002 12:07 AM, Manisha wrote:
>>I am trying to send mail from Linux Redhat server through PHP. It is not 
>>giving me any error but I am not getting any mail too.
>>Following is the code
>>$mailBody = "This is one line \ n This is a second line \n\n this is a 
>>third line";
>>$boolMail = mail ("[EMAIL PROTECTED]", "Test mail subj from local linux 
>>server - PHP", $mailBody);
>>print ("Email has been send ");
>>Even I checked the email files at /var/spool/mqueue - There are 2 files, 
>>one with message and one with lots of other info. But then why I am not 
>>getting the emails ? Why they are remaining in the queue ? Is there any 
>>setting required in php.ini ?
>Just use the mailq command in the shell to see why the messages are stuck.
>Manuel Lemos
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