On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 09:10:35AM -0800, Jason Soza wrote:
> users.php?alias=johnsmith - I guess my main question is, can spambots 
> follow those types of links, get the resulting page, and harvest the 
> address off that?

No reason why not.

> Is there any way to combat this? Any PHP scripts, classes, functions 
> that can 'hide' e-mail addresses?

If you don't need the address to be hyperlinkable, you can put the user, @
and domain in different table cells.  Or even put each letter in a
separate cell.  Could even set the border, cellspacing and cellpadding to
0 to make it not look like a table.

While that deterrent isn't insurmountable, I suspect most, if not all,
harvesting programs don't go to that length.



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