On 06/13/2002 02:10 PM, Jason Soza wrote:
> Just curious...
> If I have a site that stores information about people in a database, 
> including e-mail addresses, and that information is only viewable when 
> called via a user-specific variable, i.e. their alias, can spambots 
> still harvest those e-mail addresses?
> So for instance I have a page called 'users.php' and to find the e-mail 
> address for John Smith, you'd follow a link that directs you to 
> users.php?alias=johnsmith - I guess my main question is, can spambots 
> follow those types of links, get the resulting page, and harvest the 
> address off that?
> Is there any way to combat this? Any PHP scripts, classes, functions 
> that can 'hide' e-mail addresses? The site I'll be building needs to 
> have the e-mail addresses available, but I don't want to subject users 
> to more spam than they probably already get.

I had that problem and the solution that I used was use Javascript in 
the ONCLICK event of the dynamically construct the link URL with static 
values that are hard to figure that they represent an address by spam 
harverster bots. Look at the bottom of the pages here for an example:



Manuel Lemos

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