On 06/13/2002 11:04 AM, David Russell wrote:
> Hi all
> I am busy developing a PHP DB application. I obviously want this to be 
> as portable as possible - and then went to the Zend pages.
> I have looked at the DB abstraction Applications. There are five or so 
> which have all been rated as a four dot (I presume out of 5).
> Does anyone have any experience with DB Absteraction suites. If so, I 
> need one that supports InterBase/Firebird and also supports MySQL. I 
> would like to know what they are like in terms of ease of learning the 
> generic things, etc, etc.

You may want to try Metabase because it is the only that provides true 
database portability not only to access databases but also to install 
the schemas of tables, fields, indexes and sequences using a database 
independent schema definition in XML.



Manuel Lemos

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