On Thursday, June 13, 2002 at 10:32:25 PM, you wrote:

> Thanks to Julie and Stuart for helping me.

> With your direction, I got rid of the warning about the headers by putting 
> the session_start() at the beginning of the file.

> Now I get a different sort of error when I try to retrive the session variable:
> -------------------------------
> Warning: Undefined index: node in c:\program files\apache 
> group\apache\htdocs\wan\getglobal.php on line 17
> -------------------------------

Do a print_r($_SESSION); in getglobal.php to see what the session contains.

>    if (!empty($_SESSION)) {
>        extract($_SESSION);
>    } else if (!empty($HTTP_SESSION_VARS)) {
>        extract($HTTP_SESSION_VARS);
>    }

Why are you doing this? If you're accessing the session through $_sESSION then
there's no need to extract the session into the global scope.


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