Chris Kay wrote:
>>The query does not error out it just does not give any records, and I
> Know
> What part of "The query does not error out" do you not understand.
> Why are there so many people willing to say what is wrong with a code but when it 
>comes to
> A solution that go silent.
> I find that the ones most often to find flaws in someones code, are the ones who 
>never provide
> Answers.

I've been on this list for a few months (IIRC), but I don't post much. 
That's because I never provide Answers (being a newbie, and therefore 
not knowing them).

I'm on the list because I want to learn about PHP, and I've found it 
easier in the years I've been online to subscribe to mailing lists or 
(once upon a time) USENET newsgroups and just read the various solutions 
to peoples' problems.

"Where's all this going?", you impatiently ask, perhaps stamping your 
foot.  Well, pause for a second, gentle reader, for you are about to be 
shocked to your very core.

Well, maybe not.  Here goes anyway: I've learnt a lot about PHP simply 
from reading the answers provided by the more intelligent, knowledgeable 
and helpful members of this list.  Guess who's helped the most?

A young (?) man by the unusual name of "John Holmes".

Before you chew people out, Mr Kay, about being perpetually unhelpful, 
you may like to lurk on a list for a while and see if you're actually 
within a stones throw of the truth, or really just spouting off out of 
your own sense of hurt pride.


Mark Gallagher

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