> Does Dreamweaver MX have good PHP support?
        Their initial support (PHP_MySQL as known as a server model) is quite nice.
        However, we have released PHAkt 2 MX (still free and GPL and kicking)
, with a lot of goodies included:

PHAkt 2 beta improvements over the PHP_MySQL Server Model
 - Multiple Database support (using ADOdb 2.0.0)
    ADOdb improvements to correctly return data types
 - Unified Database Connection 
   The UltraDev and the PHP connection are now unified in a single 
connection using HTTP access.
 - User Authentication Server Behaviors
 - Master / Detail page set creation server behavior
 - Create Dynamic tables from RecordSets
 - Recordset Insert / Update Form
 - Go to related / detail page
 - Improved RecordSet (Using Limited Recordset for improved performance)
 - Code Reuse (Using functions.inc.php)
 - Small-Size generated files
   For example, an "Update Record" page has 26 lines of PHP code of 60 total 

PHAkt 2 final new features
 - Date Locale support
 - Multiple and extensible recordset support
 - Other speed and usability improvements 

        Even if the final version will be released in a week or two, 
we are confident that our server model is a very good improvement over the MM one.

> Thanks,
> -Ed
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