Windows / PHP is fine for development work but I would never put a
production site on a Windows box (With all due apologies to you Windows
fans). Put your site on a *nix box with apache its a heck of a lot faster
and a heck of a lot more stable and a heck of a lot easier to configure and

Just my 2 cents

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"Phil Schwarzmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> So I'm thinking about setting up a little php/mysql web server here at
> work and want to use Windows as my platform instead of Linux and have a
> couple questions...
> I know that PHP on Windows has some limitations as compared to Linux.
> What are these limitations?
> Which version of Windows would be best ?
> Is this gonna be a real pain in the ass to get PHP & MySQL & Apache &
> Windows to get along well?
> Can I use IIS instead of Apache ?
> Thanks!

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