An opinion was requested, and I gave it.


I will make a few pointed comments and then I will stop wasting my time and
the time of the others on this list.

1) If you do not know why Unix and its various derivatives are a better,
meaning more flexible, more secure, faster, and more stable, then you
probably don't know much about Unix.

2) I don't consider any Windows platform stable for commercial serving
needs. I've had Unix boxes run continuously for over 3 years some as many as
5 and only one time was the crash caused by the operating system. Want to
tell me how many times you've seen the "blue screen of death" on a Windows

3) Unix is faster for two main reasons - it has a real file system and it
doesn't have all GUI overhead cluttering up CPU/Disk/Bus resources. While
the GUI if a great feature on development boxes and workstations its a
complete waste of resources on a server.

4) If all you need to do is design web sites Win 2000 (don't use the FAT32
file system) / apache ( not 2.x) and PHP / Pearl / cgi is OK. But if you
want to be a successful webmaster and provide your clients / bosses / end
users with the best possible service / speed and uptime - learn and use

5) If you want to learn how to configure the hardware - I'll teach you that
too. Just contact me off list.

Nuff said.


Bruce Karstedt
Technology Consulting Associates, Ltd.
Tel: 847-735-9488
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Subject: Re[2]: [PHP] Re: php server on Windows

On Friday, June 14, 2002 at 11:30:07 PM, Bruce Karstedt wrote:
> Put your site on a *nix box with apache its a heck of a lot faster
> and a heck of a lot more stable and a heck of a lot easier to configure
> upgrade.

It's all very well saying that, but have you got any evidence to back those
comments up? With the arrival of Win2k, the win32 platform has become a lot
more stable and IMHO is now on a par with the '*nix' platform. As far as how
easy they are to configure and upgrade, it depends where you're coming from.
But for a complete beginner, IIS beats the competition hands down.

The speed issue is a tricky one. In another email you say...

On Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 12:08:51 AM, Bruce Karstedt wrote:
> The last test I did was to put a custom built (by me) box dual 1.2G P4's
> Raid 5 all on 7200RPM spindles and 2GB ram running WIN 2000 Server with
> the back office toys vs. an old 133M Pentium, 1.2G 256Meg garbage box I
> in the basement running BSDi Unix with squid caching. The garbage box was
> times faster. Look I'm not out to bash Microsoft but every good carpenter
> has more than one tool in his box and knows which one to use for which

That's the only benchmark you have? Not very conclusive is it. How did you
measure the speed? What were you requesting of the server? Was it under
Were both servers under exactly the same conditions? You can't possibly
us to accept that as definitive proof that the '*nix' platform is faster.

The only benchmark I would accept as definitive proof is one using identical
hardware and where each server has been tuned by an Apache/IIS expert as
appropriate. Each server must be hit by the same test script using the same
network connection which must also be in controlled conditions (i.e. a
dedicated connection).

> Even Microsoft uses Unix for their Web Servers.

Actually their main site is served by IIS 5 on Win2k
I know that they do use other platforms for other servers, but as far as I
tell, they are providing minor services compared to the IIS servers. But do
me if I'm wrong.


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