On Saturday, June 15, 2002 at 1:27:58 AM, Zlutarch G. wrote:
> I tried your idea but it didn't work. When I used session_encode(), I got
> nothing! It seems that it's not being registered as a session variable. Any 
> idea why that is the case?

I hope this will help clear up any confusion.

Go here: http://www.devserver.org/test/session.php and click on the link.

This is the code...

    echo "session id: $sID<br>";
    echo "session var: ".$_SESSION["var"]."<br>";
    function fnA(){
    function fnB(){
                    echo "session var is set...<br>";
                    echo "session var is not set...<br>";
                    echo $_SESSION["var"];
    print '<br><br><a href="'.$_SERVER['SCRIPT_NAME'].'">reload page</a>';

It works. If this code doesn't work for you then it's something wrong with your
server configuration.


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