Hi All, Hope you are all well.

I am coding a website for a client and they involve a series of files:


These are all just simple HTML files which are placed in a Global dir apart
from main.php which is in the same dir as the index.php file. Is there a way
where I can have one index.php file which calls all the Global files and
only the relevant main.php file? Kind of like a simple template system?

For example at the moment I have this for my dir pattern:


When /news/index.php is called, all the global files are called along with
the main.php that is in the News dir, the same for all the others in their
respective dirs.

Am I overlooking an important function or script that can do this without
being too complicated?

Please let me know, Ian.
Randum Ian
DJ / Reviewer / Webmaster, DancePortal (UK) Limited
DancePortal.co.uk - Global dance music media

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