June 18, 2002
phpDocumentor version 1.1.0rc2
Download: http://phpdocu.sourceforge.net/downloads.php

The phpDocumentor Development team would like to announce the release of
phpDocumentor version 1.1.0rc2.  This is a release candidate for 1.1.0 to
ensure that all bugs have been fixed before release

phpDocumentor is the most advanced auto-documentation system available for
PHP.  Similar to the auto-documentor included with PEAR, phpDocumentor
parses documentation comments in the PHP source to create hyperlinked API
references for projects.

With 1.1.0rc2 the pre-alpha PDF Converter is greatly improved.  In addition,
a new HTML converter that uses the Smarty template engine
and has no frames is available.  A pre-alpha CHM converter is also included,
requires MS HTML Help Workshop, but works.  Through the use of
"Converters" similar to JavaDoc's doclets, phpDocumentor can interface
output to any template with minimal coding.  In addition, 6 HTML templates
with the standard HTML Converter

Other features include:
  --all known bugs in 1.1.0rc1 have been fixed
  --fully 25% faster than version 1.0.0
  --able to directly parse a CVS repository
  --parses any php file, with multiple classes and functions in the same
  --fully compliant with even the most esoteric php syntax
   ($string = <<< EOF, for example)
  --greatly improved ease of Converter programming
  --parsing of global and static variables
  --documentation of name conflicts between packages
  --auto-linking to elements in any package
  --error/warnings by line number and file to allow for debugging of
 documentation tags
  --extensive documentation of the package, including a detailed
 for tags and templates
  --open source, GPL

phpDocumentor is fast becoming the standard auto-documentor, and is
used by several PHP projects including PostNuke
Content Management (http://www.postnuke.com), phpRPC
(http://phprpc.sourceforge.net/), and XMap

To Download, go to http://phpdocu.sourceforge.net/downloads.php

The phpDocumentor development team
Joshua Eichorn
Gregory Beaver

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