This comment is inappropriate, unless you'd like to take on the website

He DID test it in 5.5, and it looked fine.  What exact version and OS are
you using?  There are reported problems with Mac IE 5.0.

There's a plan to fix the site at the end of this week.  To test a website
with IE is very difficult because one must have multiple computers with
different versions of the browser installed.  Our priority has been
phpDocumentor, and it's only been a week and a half with the new site.  We
do not get paid to do this work, and are not intending any harm.  To assume
so is not intelligent.

If you used IE 5.5 or IE 6.0, or Netscape 6.2, Netscape 4.7- or Mozilla 1.0
the website looks quite nice, as these are the browsers he had a chance to
test it in. - works in most browsers - works probably in all

Both urls were in the release announcement.

Take care,

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>     Hey,
>     you should really teach your webmaser to fix the site. First
>     I thought "okay, he doesn't like opera" but then .. It's even
>     a mess in IE5.5. Only NS4.7 which I just had by chance
>     renders it readable (yet it looks completely different
>     layout-wise) ...  um. Plain text would have done it too :-)
>     - Markus
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