I'm fiddling around with the SSL connection capabilities of MySQL
4.0.1-alpha ... In order for an SSL connection to succeed, the client and
server must have some ssl parameters set either in MySQL's my.cnf file, or
on the command-line to start the client or server.

I've got the server configured okay, and have tested the SSL connection with
the command-line mysql client. (It works!)

Now the trick is getting PHP's mysql client to be aware of the ssl values.
PHP does not seem to be picking them up from /etc/my.cnf ... I've set the
appropriate values there, and have restarted Apache ... But connection
attempts fail. (Presumably because the required SSL values are not being
picked up by PHP's mysql client.)

DOES PHP read in /etc/my.cnf?

If not, will adding these values to php.ini work, even if undocumented?

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to shed some light on this ...


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