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I've looked in php_mysql.c in the PHP source distribution, and it looks like
the "mysql.____" php.ini variables that are recognized are hard-coded.

Okay ... Is there any other way to get PHP to pick up these three values?

My understanding of how the MySQL client looks for config files is:

    1. /etc/my.cnf (or, if not found ...)
    2. MYSQLDATADIR/my.cnf (or, if not found ...)
    3. $HOMEDIR/.my.cnf

Does anyone know if the PHP Apache module would pick up ".my.cnf" when
Apache switches to its non-root user account? If so, would any values found
there be passed along to PHP's internal mysql client?


> From: Clay Loveless <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 22:48:37 -0700
> Subject: [PHP] Setting my.cnf [client] values in PHP
> I'm fiddling around with the SSL connection capabilities of MySQL
> 4.0.1-alpha ... In order for an SSL connection to succeed, the client and
> server must have some ssl parameters set either in MySQL's my.cnf file, or
> on the command-line to start the client or server.
> I've got the server configured okay, and have tested the SSL connection with
> the command-line mysql client. (It works!)
> Now the trick is getting PHP's mysql client to be aware of the ssl values.
> PHP does not seem to be picking them up from /etc/my.cnf ... I've set the
> appropriate values there, and have restarted Apache ... But connection
> attempts fail. (Presumably because the required SSL values are not being
> picked up by PHP's mysql client.)
> DOES PHP read in /etc/my.cnf?
> If not, will adding these values to php.ini work, even if undocumented?
>   mysql.ssl-ca=SSL/cacert.pem
>   mysql.ssl-cert=SSL/client-cert.pem
>   mysql.ssl-key=SSL/client-key.pem
> Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to shed some light on this ...
> Regards,
> Clay
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