Hello all,
I have this client who has a T connection and would like to run a PHP /
MySQL based program in local mode, but also be able to make the data
available from the web but hosted in a remote server… kinda strange u
think? Me too… The problem is that his server doesn’t run with IIS but
with a little ap called WinGate, which gives him all the approach for
his little network. Have anyone installed the PHP / MySQL under MS NT4.0
running WinGate before? Anything to tell me that will help me in the
Also, I would need the MySQL people to tell me how can I make the local
& remote databases to stay synchronized let’s say with a one hour
interval top… Is this possible? FYI the remote db is hosted under a
Cobalt RAQ4i server running Red Hat Linux Apache Web server.
Thanks in advance.
 <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Cesar Aracena
Neuquen, Argentina

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