This is where we find several problems. The first one, is the price for
such equipment here in Argentina (more than double in US Dollars), which
is the main reason we try to get around with software.

The second issue, is that the local DB may have to work synchronized
with an on-line one in the near future, in order to serve as information
to my client's customers. I think I won't be able to tell the PHP
scripts to connect to my customer's server, due to a daily IP change
from his ISP.

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> > Hello all,
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> > I have this client who has a T connection and would like to run a
> > MySQL based program in local mode, but also be able to make the data
> > available from the web but hosted in a remote server… kinda strange
> > think? Me too… The problem is that his server doesn’t run with IIS
> > with a little ap called WinGate, which gives him all the approach
> > his little network. Have anyone installed the PHP / MySQL under MS
> > running WinGate before? Anything to tell me that will help me in the
> > process?
> Do you mean the Wingate connection sharing software?
> The experiences I have with clients running Wingate were not good. My
> thoughts are that if the customer can pay you for the application then
> they can pay for a gateway router. SOHO routers are not expensive.
> The customers connection will work better, his application will be
> stable, and your task will be easier. Everyone wins.
> But then again, it is just my opinion ;^)
> DAve
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