Read the rest of the email.  The problem WASN'T to do with what CLIENT was
reading the page at the time, it was to do with what SERVER was running the
PHP code.

Saving his text files onto the Mac, and then trying to run them produced
"Error on line 1", whilst saving and running the code on Win X resulted in
"Error on line 43".

Hence, it was a problem with line ending on Mac files.  Once again, you
would get an "error on line 1" if PHP doesn't recognise the line-endings,
and sees just one really long line.

If you read the rest of the thread, you'll find that the OP has "got it
sorted" and it was infact a problem with Mac line breaks.  He changed the
default in Dreamweaver to Windows-line-breaks, and all is well.

Justin French
Creative Director

on 21/06/02 3:00 AM, Lazor, Ed ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Why would this be the case?  PHP is server-side and client independent...
>> -----Original Message-----
>> Your problem is undoubtably to do with the difference in line
>> endings on
>> mac/pc/unix.

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