None of the many online user posts in setting up Java connectivity from 
within PHP have worked. RPM or tarball.

Do you know of anyone who has an RPM of PHP, with the standard MySQL, 
GD, Postgres, WDDX, etc...but also correctly set-up?

The Windows PHP has Java support right off the bat with an edit the the 
.ini file. On Win 98, no problems at all. But on my Linux paritions...

There are at least dozens of people trying to get this to work. All of 
them could be helped with an RPM or a definitive answer. Why can't 
someone release linux binaries with this sort of thing compiled in?

My system: Sun Java2 JDK 1.4.0, Red Hat 7.1, Apache 1.3x. I have tried 
all versions of PHP tarballs since 4.04p1 And I'm not alone in this 

Yes, sometimes there is a libphp_java. There is always the .jar file. 
But after editing the .ini, doing all manner of things with 
LD_LIBRARY_PATH/ldconfig, nothing!

The best I ever got was a page that registered the .so module, but never 
finished output. (I use a test page with phpinfo(), then and a sample 
call to get a Java timestamp. In this circumstance, the page cuts off 
before the sample Java timestamp and instance.

Any help or leads would be appreciated.


WJ Burns

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