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César aracena wrote:
> I have this form in which one Administrator can insert new members and
> after that, in another page, a form where he/she can insert the new
> member’s sons & daughters. I want to display a table with “text inserts”
> into the admin can type let’s say a maximum of 5 kids in the second
> page. 

The number doesn't matter if you design you db well (I suppose we are 
talking database).

I suppose that you have a table with members with unique ID's?

Make a new table with relatives, where you connect to their parents 
through a ParentID-field

This way you'll avoid empty fields for the folks with eg. only 2 sons :-)

The query for father + sons and daughters would then be like

select members.Name, members.ID, relatives.Name as RelativeName, 
from parents, relatives
where parents.ID = relatives.ParentID

The “members” table will have one memberID field (which will be
> shared between parents and kids) and a levelID which will grant 0 for
> the parent and 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 for the kids.

You _can_ put them all in the same table, but I suppose that you have a 
lot of data stored on the parents/members, that is non-existing and 
irellevant for the children - this will give a lot of empty fields, 
which is why i propose the solution above...

> Now, how do I tell PHP to make an array from the kids input, but only
> from the fields in which let’s say the “name” field was filled out in
> order to spend the necessary table’s rows. Another thing… the Array
> should also specify new levelID’s for each kid from 1 to 5. It would be
> great if you also show me how to deal with it after it’s created.

It's easy to select only rows with contents for at certain field:

select * from relatives
where Name <> 0

I hope this was of some help?


Jesper Brunholm

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