> From: Lance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> i tried that. using different email addresses. all of them are valid.
> still getting the same error. however, when i change the "Cc" to "cc",
> no error was thrown. but only the To: will receive the email. the Cc:
> never get the mail.
> any other thoughts on that?
You need to include cc: and Bcc: addresses in the first parameter and repeat
in the headers, for example:

'subject', 'message',
"To: Receiver <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n" .
"From: Sender <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n" .
"cc: Courtesy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n" .
"Bcc: Blind <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>\n");

"Cc" does not work, but "cc" or "CC" does, and on Windows servers the Bcc:
header is not removed when sending, so recipients can see Bcc: receivers by
examining the headers. This is from Kevin Yank's "Advanced email in PHP" on

Lowell Allen

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