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Lance wrote:
> yes, the + is a whitespace. hm... a bug, you could be right on that.
> i dont have a copy of php4.2.1 on linux to test and see if it is just
> windows2k that is giving the problem, or php4.2.1 is the main culprit.
> but i did get the same piece of code to run on php4.0.6 on linux. it
> runs smoothing in there.
> btw, i forgot to mention that i am running php4.2.1 on win2k sp2
> server.
> Stuart Dallas wrote:
>> As far as the SMTP envelope is concerned, the To:, Cc: and Bcc:
recipients are
>> equal. It looks like a bug in PHP to me, but I don't have time to
>> delve into the code to confirm it. It should be stripping the Cc: and the
space (which
>> shows in your log as a +) from the Cc: line. The SMTP server is
>> complaining because the address contains invalid characters.

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