On Fri, Jun 21, 2002 at 11:03:30AM +0700, sonjaya wrote:
> I have capture serial port (pabx phone) ,and get the file dat like in
> attachement.
> 17/06/02  07:27:30    08  00:00:59   437  2034224
> ... snip ...
> I want make screen lay out like this
> 17/06/02   437       2034224     00:00:59      Local          500

Take a look at fopen(), fgets() and preg_split() in the manual.  

Open the file with fopen() then put fgets() in a while loop to go through
the file one line at a time, passing each line to the split.

For the split, use '/\s+/' as the "string pattern"  That will produce an
array from which you can display the data in any way you want.

Aw, heck, something like this untested tidbit...

$File = fopen('./filename.txt', 'r');
while ( $Data = preg_split('/\s+/', fgets($File)) ) {
   echo "$Data[0]\t$Data[5] ... etc ...\n";



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