Hi all,

I'm new in here and from Germany, so I hope I can make clear what my problem
is. I also didn't do too complicated things with php upto now. And the
problem I have at the moment is the following:

I have done a simple website as a frontend for changing the ".htaccess"- and
".htusers"-files via a combination of javascript and php. Seems as if
everything works with just one (important) exception: The crypt-command
doesn't give the right passwords...

I have already tried the tip on the official php-site to use the first two
chars of the password, but that didn't work. One example: when I enter the
string into a form on the web which invokes a perl-script, I get back
strings beginning with "iN" or something like this. Anyway, they are working
when I use them as passwords. But I never get results like this with

And as this command seems to work only in one way I think that there has to
be another encryption method I have to use?

Btw, I also tried md5(), but with no result.

Thanks muchly for any help provided.

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