The only problem I know of with IE and using the header() function is 
when you use the header function like this:


IE will correctly realize that it needs to make a second request (GET, 
no matter what type of request the original was), but it fails to 
include any cookie information in this second request.

To solve this, I have read where people use relative URLs instead of 
full (even though this goes against the HTTP definition) such as this:

header("Location: ./index.html");

This may have little to do with whatever problem you are experiencing, 
but if it's the "Location" header with IE that is giving you trouble, 
this is worth trying just to see if it is a workaround for you. Most 
other browsers I have tried (Galeon, Konqueror, Opera, Netscape, lynx) 
will correctly interpret the relative URL as well, and only lynx 
complains. :)


Nightshade wrote:

>Hi there, I've read that explorer has a bug when a form post data to 
>another page that calls header() function. Any idea to avoid this?
>Tnx in advance jonny

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