On Sunday 23 June 2002 03:39, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Now I have a differient kind of problem, My mailbox ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) is
> getting flooded and I would like to stop recieveing mail from the list, I
> have tried unsubscribing a number of times without any success as the
> admin/moderator has blocked my address from sending mail to the list, so am
> using this new email address.....

Flooding the list with requests to unsubscribe _annoys_ people.

> If any of you have an idea on who the admin is kindly tell him to remove
> me, he/she can send me a confirmation email if needed to prove that
> "[EMAIL PROTECTED]" is my address too, but please ask him/her to remove me asap.

Go and ask yourself! If you had kept/read the welcome message that you should 
have received when subscribing you would have known what to do. Here's some 
selected excerpts:

"Welcome to [EMAIL PROTECTED]!

Please save this message so that you know the address you are
subscribed under, in case you later want to unsubscribe or change your
subscription address."


"If you need to get in touch with the human owner of this list,
please send a message to:


Please, if you can't handle a mailing list, don't subscribe!

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