At 6/23/2002, you wrote:
>I've written a small freeware script that gets installed on a variety of
>different platforms running various PHP versions.
>I've read through the manual about the super global arrays and how post and
>get vars are no longer registered by default, but am confused about when it
>would be a good idea to "upgrade" the script.
>If I change everything in the script and use $_GET and $_POST etc. then
>those people who are still using earlier versions won't be able to upgrade.
>Does anyone know what the uptake of the latest version is? What is everyone
>else doing about this? If I were developing for one client it wouldn't be a
>problem as obviously you'd know what you were developing for.
>I'd just like some feedback on when would be a good time to upgrade the
>scripts while causing the minimum disruption and maintaining maximum happy


I have used

if (isset($_SERVER)) $PHP_SELF = $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'];

to make $PHP_SELF work on all PHP's. Then you have to use $HTTP_GET_VARS 
and $HTTP_POST_VARS to pass vars. This way the script will work with 
globals on and off.

I really hate the way PHP 4.2 introduced the new default installation with 
globals "off", as they knew it will instantly force almost all coders to 
update their code. It took two weeks to make those changes on my rather 
large application.

Most virtual server users have no means to set PHP.INI to their liking so 
changes like that should be done in longer time span to let developers 
update the software _before_ changes in PHP happen.


Pekka Saarinen

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