on 23/06/02 11:06 PM, Pekka Saarinen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Most virtual server users have no means to set PHP.INI to their liking so
> changes like that should be done in longer time span to let developers
> update the software _before_ changes in PHP happen.

The changes and recommendations to make changes to your code were made in
the release notes of 4.1.0 I think, which was AGES ago.  My best guess is
mid-February 2002, but it may have been earlier.


If you do a clean install, yes, register globals will default to OFF, but
for an upgrade install of 4.2.x, it *should* pick up your old php.ini
setting of ON.

It took me a week or so to update my code as well, but I look at it as a
good move... my code is now more secure for starters.

Justin French

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