When you see document contains no data like that, the most likely cause 
is an endless loop. So, for whatever, reason, it seems that  your 
conditional statement is returning true every time.

Remove the "Location" header for now, and replace that line with:

echo "<h1>Redirecting to http://blah.com/sendheader.php</h1>";

This will allow you to see whether you are returning that "Location" 
header to the client under the different cases. My guess is that you 
will see this on the screen even when you don't expect to. That should 
give you a starting point for debugging.


Thomas E. Ruth wrote:

>I'm having trouble getting a script working right in netscape 4.x and
>was wondering if anybody knew a workaround, or fix.
>If I have a script called "sendheader.php" with the following:
>if (! isset($GLOBALS[sendheader])) {
>       header("Location: http://blah.com/sendheader.php";);
>       exit;
>echo "blah";
>Load the script in netscape 4.x with
>http://blah.com/sendheader.php?sendheader=0. Then load the script like
>http://blah.com/sendheader.php and netscape returns "Document contains
>no data".

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