Hi Tom:

On Sun, Jun 23, 2002 at 01:24:57AM -0600, Thomas E. Ruth wrote:
> If I have a script called "sendheader.php" with the following:
> <?
> if (! isset($GLOBALS[sendheader])) {
>       header("Location: http://blah.com/sendheader.php";);
>       exit;
> }
> echo "blah";
> ?>

Dude, what IS the point of this?

If the $sendheader variable isn't set, you're sending the person back to
the same page w/o setting the sentheader variable first...  So, you've 
created an infinite loop.  Do you mean to be doing:

   header('Location: http://blah.com/sendheader.php?sendheader=y');

Some other tips:

When array keys are strings, put them in quotes ($GLOBALS['sendheader'])

Use single quotes rather than double quotes when dealing with strings that 
are not being evaluated for variables in them.


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