is there any way you can have those img tags (the ones with the height and 
width) changed to reference a php script?  you could write a script that 
reads in the image they're requesting, and takes a height and width as 
inputs, then uses php commands like imagecopyresampled() or 
imagecopyresized() to dynamically output a resized image?  maybe this would 
be too much load on your server, but it sure would cut down on the download 
time, and would almost *positively* give you better image quality.

might look something like this
src=""; >

with a script something to the effect of thumbnail.php: (assuming the file 
is a jpeg)

imagecopyresized($smallimage,$bigimage, etc....);



>From: "Morgan Grubb" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>Reply-To: "Morgan Grubb" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>I'm wondering if anybody has ever figured out a way to get around the
>absolutely abysmal way that Internet Explorer resizes images?
>The problem is that the person I'm supplying the images to refuses to use
>two copies (a small one, and a large one) and instead uses one (just the
>large one) and when he needs a small representation of it he slaps the 
>image in and sets the width and height tags.
>The problem comes in when I'm trying to supply him with good looking 
>Sure, the large image looks fine, but that smaller image gets aliased to
>hell and back. Can the large image be recompressed in such a way that it
>doesn't noticeably damage the large version, but improves how it looks when
>arbitrarily shrunk in IE?

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