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If I had any control at all over the page that the images were getting
displayed on I would be using a rather funky little script I wrote some time
ago that handles smart image resampling.

Unfortunately, I don't have any access to it, which is why I was wondering
if there was a way to compress the JPEG in such a manner that IE doesn't
alias it so much.

What I've found through experimentation is that if the source image has any
aliasing on it, that gets amplified when IE shrinks it, but if the source
has no aliasing, then IE's shrunk image contains minimal aliasing.

Anyone know how IE handles image resizing?

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I guess IE doesn't actually resample the image so much as mess everything
up. Netscape handles resampling images a little better, but none of our
clients use Netscape, so that doesn't help me in any way.

Morgan Grubb.

"Kevin Stone" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> I seriously doubt it.  Windows is going to resize all images the same
> way.  The fact is that Microsoft's graphics routines are abysmal. Anyone
> who's ever scaled an image in Preview and then seen the same thing done on
> Mac knows what I'm talking about.  All you can do is resize the image at
> exact ratio or the actual pixel size of the image and hope it doesn't look
> terrible.  Sorry for the downer. :(
> -Kevin
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> Subject: [PHP] Image aliasing
> > Morning,
> >
> > I'm wondering if anybody has ever figured out a way to get around the
> > absolutely abysmal way that Internet Explorer resizes images?
> >
> > The problem is that the person I'm supplying the images to refuses to
> > two copies (a small one, and a large one) and instead uses one (just the
> > large one) and when he needs a small representation of it he slaps the
> large
> > image in and sets the width and height tags.
> >
> > The problem comes in when I'm trying to supply him with good looking
> images.
> > Sure, the large image looks fine, but that smaller image gets aliased to
> > hell and back. Can the large image be recompressed in such a way that it
> > doesn't noticeably damage the large version, but improves how it looks
> when
> > arbitrarily shrunk in IE?
> >
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> > Cheers,
> > Morgan Grubb.
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