Hi there

I know this is not a php specific question, but I don't know where else to

I've got the following situation. The website I'm currently working on has
got a administration page where the administration user must be able to
login as all the users available. It is fine getting all the data, but I
want to open the login in a new browser window, otherwise the administrator
has go to re-login with his account. Thus, I need to somehow open a new
browser window, with a new session id. When somebody logs in I check to see
if there is already a session variable registered. If there is, I unset this
variable, and register a new one for the login account. You can see where my
problem is. At this stage I'm using some java script "window.open()" to open
the new window, but it is still with the save session id.

If any of you can tell me how to open a new browser window with a new
session id, I would greatly appreciate it.


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